Our Story is Truly Our Journey

Frustrated with the results and high-cost of our digital marketing team, we decided to look offshore.
Within 3 months of our first hire, our CAC had reduced by 40%. Then, seeing this success, we were able to drive down our operational labor costs by 22% and increase all critical KPIs. Within 6 months, we had expanded to 7 offshore teammates. After sharing our story, we developed a waitlist of other business owners asking us, “Can you help us scale our team the same way?”
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We believe that sourcing offshore talent is going to be the key competitive advantage for small and medium-sized business owners. The next evolution of Entrepreneurship will be defined by a business’ ability to Leverage Cost-driven Efficiency, Improved Execution with a Team of Global Talent, committed to influencing the outcomes of the local business. We see this future now and we are here to help you capitalize on it too.


The next wave of job creation and market expansion will belong to the innovators, the micro-preneurs, the consultants and trades. We are these people. But, what is standing in our way? Access to the resources of the blue chips. We exist to democratize access to incredible offshore talent that will facilitate your business’s growth, capital efficiency, and sustainable success.
Let us help you hire globally
at a fraction of the price,
Quality quadrupled,
yet the cost is sliced.